The amendments to the Chancery Guide have now been published and whilst there are helpful links to government websites and clarification on certain matters, some points to not are as follows:

• Chapter 6: Electronic filing is optional for litigants in person at present and the Electronic Working Pilot Scheme has been extended until 6 April 2018.
• Chapter 8: Issue of the Claim Form. All claim forms and all subsequent court documents relating to Business and Property Courts issued in the High Court must be marked ‘Business and Property Courts’ in the top right hand corner. Claim forms issued in the County Court should be listed ‘Business and Property work’ unless they fall within the exceptions (under paragraph 4.2 of the Business and Property Courts Practice Direction. (See PD 7A, paragraph 2.5).
• Chapter 17: Judges may now also direct that the evidence of experts be given on an issue-by-issue basis.