Enfranchisement and Lease Extension

We will assist you all the way

We will assist you with handling the acquisition and disposal of freeholds, lease extension and other issues concerning homes and flats.
Most flats are governed by long leases created out of the freehold and the obligations between the flat owners are usually enforceable through or by the freehold owner of the building only and this can cause problems for the leaseholders. Furthermore, leaseholders may find that their leases are not as long as they thought or that they have reduced and need to be extended.
This is why we offer the following services:

Collective Enfranchisement – we help leaseholders to acquire their freehold
Individual Lease Extension – we assist individuals extend the lease of their flats
Right of First Refusal – a freeholder has an obligation to offer the freehold to Leaseholders

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